When I’m Gone…

   You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone, says one particular song everyone knows and sings, clapping and doing a little dance with a cup. But I started to reflect over the true meaning of these words. You’re gonna miss me ONLY when I’m gone? What’s worse than to be pushed away, and then missed?

   A world of deep scary shadows, we all need a hand, a light to guide ourselves after, a way to look to the stars and know that one little shiny light up there sparkles for you. Maybe it’s far away, but at least it is.

   After all, you can’t have it all. But if it’s all I can take, I’ll remember it all, I’ll just keep it in my heart. I believe I see a light, a little star who starts to sparkle for me since my last incident which brought me down. I shall take that hand and raise.


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