Pixel And The City

   During my sleepless nights, I seldom stare at the ceiling in my room and think. My thoughts take me far away, but one quite common motive which is brought up in my mind is love. I think about it as a round ribbon, tied around our necks and strangulating us more and more, with every person we meet.

   But then again I come and ask, what is love? To some… it’s just something which comes and goes. For example, my friend, whose name will stay secret but whom I will baptize as Jennifer. Enraged bisexual, smoker, French 100%. Part of my daily life, Jennifer sees love as a weird thing, a conception which comes and goes, which is not important or to be given any attention to. But when she falls in love, boy how she does it. 

   To some, love is just… a part of their lives. They live through love and they love to live. Carmen, a friend of mine, always manages to keep a smile on her face. She has so many trouble with men, she flies between one and another and ends up in huge fights. But when I see her at our daily morning coffee at the same restaurant (for 3 years now), she just tells me: “Eh! The prince will come one day.”

   May that prince be a myth? Later that night, I thought about the prince. Do I want one? Do I need one? Feminine strength is a term often used nowadays, but do all women have the strength to live alone? 

  Love comes in many different forms. I believe I am a part of a circle. Hopefully, two points will meet and something will click. Until then… I have my dreams, my fashion and my passion. And that’s just fabulous. 


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