Desolation Comes Upon The Sky

Desolation Comes Upon The Sky

To me, feminism means expressing your inner beauty using your outer heroism. I decided to take a step into the world of the unknown and let myself carried away by the forces of the wind. Thus, I explored words of unknown wonder, and I discovered a mystery I looked to solve my whole life: finding myself.

This dress was created to enhance the woman. I literally love the way it flows on the body. The mysterious colors add a note of elegance, and the flowing train brings out the purity and the pristine character a human being possesses. Me, the usual blonde, I chose to assort the dress a vintage themed hair, and a diamond jewelry set, which makes this outfit a work of art. Taking the picture was an absolute pleasure, the dress is easy to edit and also looks gorgeous in any pose. So I turned myself into a painting and voila!

Spring is in, so I want to wish all my flowers a happy warm season, and may your heart be touched by the power of a thousand Louboutin shoes!

XOXO, Crista W

Gown – Blanchett Armani Soft Pink Dress
Jewelry – Lazuri Enchanted Diamond Set
Hair – Truth Hair SNOW
Lashes – Glam Affair – Studs Embellished Eyeliner

Model: Crista Wellens

Photographer: Crista Wellens

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