Moon River

Wider than a mile…

As the day goes, I contemplate on the moral values of society. And as I made a habit out of talking about love, there goes my heart again. After three coffees and one tea with my friend, I started to think about love again. I threw a look outside the window and couldn’t help but notice it was pouring. I just did nothing and ordered another tea, while outside the light apparently was in an intense fight with the clouds, as they were devouring it with each cold drop.

What was left to do than order another tea and meditate? I remembered the conversation I had with my friend, Lucille. Besides obvious girl talk, we talked about her newest boyfriend. What do we notice first when we encounter someone we would like to get romantically involved with? And then again I wonder, does it matter?

I turned my head to the other side and there he was. Jacques. What did I notice first? Probably his height, then his eyes. But I knew that I wanted to enjoy my tea with him. So I begged the coward inside me to advance towards him and, through interior screams and cries, I invited him at my table. With a charming smile, he accepted. I lit a cigarette and we started to talk.

And we talked, and we talked, and we talked. At the end, he kissed my hand and wandered away in his own world. The rain had stopped, so I made my way up to the narrow street where the entrance into my block of flats is made. I laid my head on the couch and started to meditate. Can we fall in love again?

Was it true? Was a person defined only by the reactions others had when they encountered him/her? I’ll say it clear, I will not envision what makes one himself or herself, though I am curious about how relationships affect us.

Love is in our nature… And with it, the seeds of our souls finally flower, and when you start counting the petals… You fall in love. There are times when I fall in love. Sometimes… we feel scared. But nevertheless we could not live without this certain feeling. Paris was vibrating and so was the summer. And when I could sleep without any blankets on, I knew that what I needed was a human cover. For now, however, my air conditioning will do.

I thought about Jacques. And I tried to remember what I saw first at him. The response is simpler than anything. I noticed… him.


Two drifters, off to see the world.


With love,

The Girl Who Loved.


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