Legacy Of The Minute

They say that our world was built for two. But in the deepest tunnels of my heart I am still searching for the definition of “you”. My meditative state meets you every time I open my box of pictures. With the key that you gave me long time ago, I fall in a sleep of reflection and I am desperately calling your name, getting as response… my echo. Flooding my ears louder and louder every time it hits me. Am I underwater? Am I under pressure? No. I am just under you.     Wearing: Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings – DDM Designs Princess Anne Collection Dress: Meli Imako – Mesh_V Neck Ponti Pencil Dress in Blue Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Layla” (Type A)(Moon Stone)   Until next time, XOXO, The Girl Who Loved – See more at: http://fashionfeed.thebestofsl.com/2014/06/legacy-of-the-minute/#sthash.IqxuMeft.dpuf


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