Today, I have prepared myself to surprise you with quite a raw-ish picture. I have found this wonderfully decorated spot at one of my friends’ homes and I immediately fell in love with it. Perhaps I am attracted to this kind of scenery, but mostly everything that looks from good and higher never ceases to impress me.

Voila the picture, and let’s get to talking about my favourite topic: clothing!


Beginning from the top, I chose to wear a hair that I literally died for when I saw it. I am wearing the !Lamb. These Days (Mesh) Hair, and this shade can be found in the Ombre & Root Pack. I purely adore how the strands fall nicely and naturally, and also how it looks like I have stayed up all night with my ceramic hair straightener to make it this beautiful and soft. Naturally a blonde, you can imagine how the colour could not change, yet the style… it gives such a fierce air, it brings your face features forward and gives you that New-Generation model look. A hair I would definitely recommend.

Another item (that if not visible in this picture, shall be a lot featured in my future post because I changed my regular eyes to these) is the eyes. Specifically, they are called *AvaWay* New Temptation Eyes – Brown 1. What I like about them is that they have a graphic nature, they look so realistic, yet without being copied form a picture. They are drawn with such grace and they give such a specific expression to the face, I simply don’t think I will ever change them. Perhaps if the designer will do another collection?

Moving down to the dress, this is the dress style I tend to adopt in real life too, as I am a “traditionalist” fashionista. The [The Hellish Diva] Be Mine Dress/Jumpsuit was one article I could not leave the store without. Even on the mannequin, it looked extremely fashionable. And surprisingly, it is only partially mesh, so the quality is very impressive. I would be careful with this kind of dress, nevertheless. It tends to attract full attention on the outfit, so what you need to do is use a strong pair of shoes to give a nice shade of balance to your look. The lipstick I chose is also from [THD].

And talking about the shoes, today I am wearing Zibska ~ Vega strappy pumps, a strong, fierce piece for an outfit which raises the bar. Yet Zibska has already got us used to its purely fierce items. This particular pair brings a note of elegance, but it ‘puts up’ with the dress and, along with the rest of the outfit, makes a bold statement: I’m a Fashion Girl, so don’t you even dare!

These being said, I wish you a fantabulous day, and don’t forget to be stylish at all times!

Love, ~C


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