For Everything A Reason

Wondering what free really is, today I chose to express myself fiercely. Being a rebel soul, I always tend to wear anything which is crazy and others don’t have the courage to put on.
Why? I don’t know, but I surely love this particular style and never hesitate to choose it for my daily looks. Yet today, it is a bit different. 

For Everything A ReasonTo begin styling today’s outfit, I had to start with my head. Then I slowly went down and analysed the details. Yet the beginning was simple: the FIERCE, gorgeousheadpiece named Penelope Deux in Noir from Zibska. The amazing detail in each and every piece of this magnificent head piece charmed me when I saw it, and what went through my mind at that time was “I HAVE to wear this NOW.”

The jumpsuit is a new release from one of my favourite brands on the grid, precisely K E L I N I Haute Couture. The article is a limited edition suit, named Fashion Jumpsuit SARA and it is available at the mainstore now! The quality of the mesh is flawless, the textures and the shading are extremely impressive and the colour… oh the colour! Black widow is my middle name! In any circumstances, I recommend this piece of clothing by all means!

For the shoes, instead of diminishing the eccentric element, I accentuated it. I chose the statement Armadillo Heels in white (inspired by RL’s Alexander McQueen and promoted a lot by Lady Gaga) from FANATIK. Whenever I think of Fanatik I think of incredible talent at creating mesh. Yet… it is not only about that! This pair of shoes has a certain flair that charms me and that attracts me… Basically that impresses me. It gives such a freedom of expression and such a fierceness that I never want to take them off!

Moving to the beauty department, the hair is a classic: VANITY Hair: Smoking Room Platinum. It is recommended that in such a complex outfit, which also includes a rather big headpiece, the chosen hair should be subtle and small. You can even go with a good hairbase, yet I like the attitude of this coiffure. For the makeup, I went back to what I started with: ZIbska. The set is called Rand Eyeshadow and it includes 15 colour versions and something that I really love: a colour chart. But don’t forget about the invisible items in the bought box: attitude, fierceness, boldness.

Finally, I could not end this blogpost without crediting my 2 guardian silver cobras. They can be found at [22769]~bauerk and carry the name of Cobra Pouf. Whether you choose to animate them with magic spells and make them protect your dark side like I did, whether you set them in your home as one of the most Couture pieces, these two babies won’t disappoint you.

Don’t forget to let your voice be heard and to express yourself freely! The dark side is never boring.



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