Wife Of Nightfall

I shall conquer. Never give up. I shall not accept any faith enforced, I shall make my own. Even if this means burning down a full village.

Forget To Love_001


Japan always inspired me. Today, I give you my neo-Japan look, gravity-defying through modernism and… poison. From the hair to the boots, this styling inspired power to me.

I chose the Tukinowaguma Tokie hair, despite its age, to bring forward the Japanese inspiration. It is perhaps the only traditional element in this look, consolidated on the NEO elements, such as the ::Dead Dollz:: Kunoichi Dress – that you can find at the We ❤ RP Fair – or the BAX COEN Regency Boots in Black Leather. For the accessories, I went simple, as I did not want to load the look too much. Just my favourite pair of Cuffs from An@rchy Ink and [MANDALA]MILKY WAY2 EARRINGS/Hawthorn RED.

Have a powerful day!


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