A Million Shivers

After a well-deserved vacation, I’m back, dressed for a soft winter.

Something_002Hoping this winter is kind with us, I chose to dress up for a chilly day. During the holidays, I dyed my hair, and chose for a famous hairstyle, inspired from my fashion idol. You can find this hair at [LeLuka], under the name of EFFECT. And because this hairstyle does not work without a proper pair of diva sunglasses, I added the [LG] K-Collection Queen Bee 2 Sunglasses.

For the torso, I chose something comfy, from a designer I truly love: FAENZO. The sweater, ravishingly made and rigged, and with a wonderful texture, is simply called Knit Longsleeve, and I opted for the tone of Ivory. The necklace – Faenzo Padlock Necklace – is modern and fashion forward, also full mesh, so I added it for a drop of personality! And because elegance is not elegance without a bag, I grabbed the Faenzo Leather Shoulder Bag – Obsidian (Straight) out of my wardrobe.

The trousers are a classic: ISON – Work It Trousers in black. Since I got them, I fell in love with their chicness and their breathtaking quality! Thank you, Harry Hyx!

And because I know you’re waiting for me to mention the shoes, they are from Azoury and they are called “The Chromatics – Ballet Heels Shoe (Strech Limo)“. I love their sense of avant garde-ness, yet one thing that shocked me is that they do not work with the regular, ever-loved Slink Feet, but with another kind of mesh legs, that they specify in the notecard. Perhaps that will be fixed in the future.

And this is it for today! It’s good to be back! Until next time,
Hugs and kisses!




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