Necklace Of Rope

Whatever it is, it’s just laughing at me, and I just wanna scream “What now?!”

Necklace Of RopeI was sincerely in the mood for something so covering that it becomes erotic. And when I saw it, I knew it. The perfect gown: MELODY in Black, from a brand so dear to me I just can’t keep myself from loving it: Champagne! Sparkling Couture. The mesh is very well created, the texture can make a lot of people envious and the attachments… oh those attachments! And yes ladies, the head piece is included!

Moving on, you should always be conscious that the look is never given by one certain element, but by how you combine them. When I got this set, the first thing that came into my mind was: this can be punk. So I instantly wanted to turn it elegant. The bracelet, choker and earrings are all from the [MANDALA]SHIPPOAH Jewelry set in Black.

Since I wanted an erotic coverage, I chose a tattoo, from the only tattoo brand I ever trust: TATTOO MANIA. The Flower Owl tattoo covers almost the entire torso and goes on the hands right till where it should go. And the details are fantastic!

I wanted to add some environment, and what can be more me than a wild flower constrained in a vase? And these Beautiful Wild Thistles come from an amazingly talented creator: Apple Fall.

So, my dear readers, be wild, be erotic even when your body is covered in all the silks in the world. After all… a hijab can be erotic too, if you just imagine what it covers.


Champagne! Sparkling Couture – MELODY Gown in Black
 [MANDALA]SHIPPOAH Jewelry set in Black
Apple Fall – Wild Thistles


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