I Can Make The Good Boys Bad For A Weekend

I paid a visit to The Chapter Four, and I have been pleasantly surprised to see how fabulous the items were!

My Story


I have, of course, paid a visit to The Chapter Four – may I say my favourite Fashion event in Second Life™. What I have found there amazed me, could this be the best edition so far?

I began with the coat, which comes with the top too (yes, the top is colour change, so you can basically wear it with anything). The ::C’est la vie !:: Sophie Jacket in Khaki is a piece great for your urban looks, but can easily go very elegant with the right accessories. Today, however, I am a wild one. The rigging and texturing are both fabulous.

The trousers, :NuDoLu: Pantalon large in Noir is a piece I fell in love with since it was on the vendor. They can be anything, they are so versatile, just like the jacket they can be turned into anything, from elegant, to formal, to bohemian. The quality is impressive, both in look and technique.

Oh the sneakers. Oh the sneakers. One of my favourite pair actually, I took them out of the inventory for this shooting, I frankly missed being urban. The Lucien.Marcelo // LEATHER VELCRO HI-TOP SNEAKERS are a pair of sneakers I could not do without. Sadly, they can’t be elegant without a lot of effort, but who cares about elegance with those babies on your feet (I do…). Sadly, the store is closed. But I am sure you can still find it on the Marketplace.

On my head I have the Bohocomo. BeanieSick/Black, along with my shades, the * S O R G O – AKIRA Shades / BLACK. They go surprisingly well together, and I like the air that they give to the whole outfit.

I’m sad I couldn’t turn my back to the picture, but you get to see just a little of the very cool [BUC] “Unicorn” Outcast Backpack. It’s a full mesh backpack that is available in multiple colours and patterns, very easy to wear, not breaking in all your clothes, very good if you want to look laid back and free.

Finally, the tattoo on my chest is from TATTOO MANIA and it is called Skull Demond. You’ve seen it on me and you know I love it.

Make sure you pay a visit to The Chapter Four, you surely have some impressive things to buy! And stay tuned, I have some important information coming out soon enough!



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