I Love My Ugly Boy

I trust you.

Ugly Boy_002


Yes, I love my ugly boy. If you know where this photo is inspired from, then I applaud your taste. Today, I chose to let my inner demon come out.

I will begin with the piece that started all of this: the body suit. It is from The Hellish Diva, named [THD] Only Bodysuit Version 1. It is not mesh, but it is certainly high quality. This version has included pasties made of duct tape, a fierce element I’ve always been fond of.

Next we have the boots. A classic, if I may say. I’m talking about the BAX Regency Boots Black Leather, perfect for a poisoned, venomous look, these boots are I believe my favourite pair from my whole inventory. I am also a big fan of their length, going right up to my thighs.

The hair is as eccentric as I wanted it to be, and quite frankly I am in love with this element. This is the ILLMATIC :: Emora – Hilton dreaded hair, it is rigged mesh, great quality and texture and also great set of colours. I love how it has the hairbase incorporated.

The makeup comes from 1 place: Nuuna. That is where you can find true fierce body and face paints, ready to make you go from angel to demon in the touch of a brush!

The tattoo, as always, is from Tattoo Mania, and today I’m wearing Skull Demond. The environment is built by myself, and it is contained by:

And my lovelies, this is it for today. Be fierce, be naughty, let your inner darkness come out and always be proud of it.



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