I Love To See You Cry

A putrid cruelty, a necessary evil.

Love to see you cry_002Today I went along with my courage and created a business casual look. No stress, no heavy meetings, just a regular day in the oh-so-cute office. Of a fashion magazine, of course, because with that headpiece any other office would probably prefer to… “let me go”.

So, since I started telling you about the headpiece, you should know that originally it is not a headpiece, it is a necklace. I just thought it would look good as a tiara so I detached it from my neck, attached it to my NOSE and adjusted it to hell. You can find it in the same set with the earrings at The Showroom, just search for the [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Lucretia Black Set.

The hair is probably one of the classics in SL™, that a lot of people have, yet no one gets tired of it. The colour, the rigging and the messy, yet extremely attractive style just mesmerises me. This is the Exile :: Crazy In Love hair.

If you notice anything different on my face, it is the skin. I have changed it and it is the best choice I made in the last days. The quality, the shadows, the level of detail and all those appliers and the mesh ears made especially for the skin that came when I got the skin just amazed me. This is the Egozy.Hyolee Genetic (Pale).Nude Skin, and I proudly recommend it. The shade that I went for is a winter, but you have as many as TEN tones to choose for only in this skin, and so many other varieties, including makeup, mesh ears and so on.

The shirt is not so new, sadly the store is closed but you may still find it on the Marketplace. I will include a SLurl in case it ever reopens, this is the *CASHMERE KEANE*Relic Blouse/FEMALE(black-sheer). As the name says, it is sheer, so I wore it with a full black system tank top that I made.

The trousers are the famous ISON – work it trousers (tan). I chose the tan version to add a drop of colour, yet maintain the elegant, sober mood. The rigging, texturing and quality overall is flawless, and the pants work for both casual, chic and formal looks.

The shoes are one of my favorite pairs, :::Le Primitif::: Pigalle High Pumps – Black. They are elegant, simple, smart, sensible, everything you may want. Rigged mesh, amazing texture and, compared to a lot of other pumps in SL™, amazing and realistic shape.

The bag is the Faenzo Leather Messenger in Coffee. I love Faenzo because it is all original mesh, unique styles that not a lot of designers dare to attempt to create. Herve, the designer, does such a great job in creating and texturing the mesh, and that is why I always love adding a Faenzo bag to my looks.

And this is it for today. Be stylish, be naughty, but always be supreme.




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