There’s No Escape

Let’s take a walk in the desert, while it’s still cold in other places.



Through sandy grounds, I made my way up to the desert and made sure I was dressed properly. However, this outfit is suitable for a daily appearance in town. Let’s begin with the piece that attracts attention: the animal print blouse. The colour reminds me of a sunset in Arabia, and the pattern turns you into a tigress, ready to attack. You can find this blouse at OVERHIGH, it is named Luv Sweater in Orange. The rigging is great, the texture is one of the best I’ve ever seen, but Overhigh got us used to that so it comes as no surprise.

The skirt is also from OVERHIGH, I simply love the transparent side of it. And the colour is one of my favourites: black. The texture is very well shaded, the rigging is good, however be careful, because the transparent material makes it hard to create a long alpha, so you will need to fit it perfectly. This is the Luv Skirt in Black.

The shoes I fell in love with the moment I saw them. I thought to myself “diva heels”. It adds a nice drop of cold colour to this all warm environment, and those straps give such a great effect. I also love that when I purchased them, I received multiple versions, for all the mesh feet available out there, not just one like most designers do. These are the JustDesign Brie shoes in Snake Mint.

Now moving to accessories, I chose platinum, again to add a drop of coldness. Always make sure that your outfit is not warm only or cold only, it suddenly becomes boring to look at and it gets lost in the crowd. The ring is from RYCA, and it is called the MSQ Ring. Great sculpture, one of my personal favourites. The earrings are a definite statement: Paper CoutureReclining Feline. Worn by divas all over the grid, they now fell in my hands and they could not look more beautiful!

The sunglasses are from Liv-Glam, they are called Queen Bee. Sadly, Liv-Glam has closed, but they came back as Lavian&Co. Hopefully, they will launch a new pair of sunglasses soon!

Lastly, cosmetically, I am wearing one of my long coiffures – the LeLutka VIBRATO Hair, along with the Egozy Hyolee Skin in Pale.

I wish you an amazing day, be hot like the deserts!



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