A Declaration Of Freedom

Today I chose a look which may stand out from the regular casual, shabby look everyone tends to wear here in SL. I have always been a fan of class and elegance. Was I too big of a diva today? Hell yeah.

IntenseWhen I think diva, I think fur. Lots of fur. And maybe I am not an animal activist, but I tend to think about real fur. However, today I wore faux-fur. A coat rigged perfectly to fit any outfit that you may put on, with 3 different animations so you can make sure your hands are not sticking where they should not be, The .: ryvolter :. Zira Shoulder Goat Fur Coat in Tangerine really impressed me.

I know I usually go from the top to the bottom but I need to talk about the shoes right now, as I got them especially FOR this fur coat. They are a wonderful piece of mesh shoes. They come with their own mesh feet and they look stunning when we talk about quality. You may have a hard time fitting the skin, but when you finally manage to, it turns into a miraculous piece of fashion. These are the .: ryvolter :. Leila Fox-Fur Sandals – Tangerine.

The dress is from a store I have already talked about many times, that I simply love: OVERHIGH. They call it the OVH – Gyorgina Coat in Black, but I don’t see a coat, I only see a beautiful piece of clothing that is so versatile it can make anyone a true wasp-waisted model. Wonderful rigging and sculpting, may I say.

The sunglasses are quite old when you look at their original launch date, but the quality and the look are both equally perfect, and I can strongly affirm that they look better than a lot of mesh sunglasses you can find around in SL™. They’re the RYCA SUNGLASSES-DN in Gold/Brown.

The hair is the miraculous [LeLutka]ADILE Hair. It is simply a wonderful combination between elegance and a laid-back look. It is perfect for a day when you look perfect in your clothing so you need a casual hair to tell people that you are not going to the Oscars, you are just  buying some peanuts.

The skin is from Egozy, of course. And this is what I have for you today. See you in my next post.




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