End Of Time

After a break, I decided to come back in force. What better way to do it than with a fresh, lovely round of The Chapter Four?

I Don't Know YouSo I chose freedom. I am a declared lover of fashion right ’till the end of time. Today, the outfit I put together is mostly made from items found at the February round of The Chapter Four – my favourite SL™ monthly fashion event.

The dress – because probably it steals your attention – is called ::C’est la vie !:: Emma Dress in Black. I fell in love with it since I saw it on the rack, to be honest. But when I got it, I got more than I expected. Fully original, magnificent texture and let us not talk about the quality – it’s so well rigged you can easily wear it without an alpha.

The ankle boots are also from TCF. Ironically, given this article’s name, they are named ANE – EndOfTime Boots. I am wearing them in the Marsala tone, but there are so many tones you can choose from. When you buy them, you automatically receive two versions: one rigged – for daily wearing – and one unrigged – for fine tuned adjustments for editorials or pictures.

I chose to wear the boots with the .Atomic. Foxy Socks – Black that I got from the fair. They are a wonderful piece to complete your look, plus they are so cute you just want to snuggle them. Yes, your own socks.

Now moving to accessories, the sunglasses are – you guessed it – from TCF. They are the *Fishy Strawberry* Feline Glasses. They come with a HUD and when you buy one pair, you actually buy so many others. They can surely be adjusted to fit any outfit ever.

Tip Time: If you don’t have time for makeup, a pair of sunglasses will always give you the chic look. 

The necklace and earrings are the only things I did not get from TCF. Unfortunately, Zibska can not be found there, but if I were to choose a brand of accessories and clothing that represents me best, that would be Zibska, without any kind of comments. This set is called Zibska ~ Discordia and you can find it at the We ❤ RP Fair. As most Zibska items, it comes with a hud for versatility and infinite customisation options.

Finally, the hair is still from The Chapter Four. I love the laid back style, the negligent flair that it gives, yet the chic element that it carries. This is the +elua+ Hollis Hair in Ombre A.

And by this, I will call it a day, not before wishing you all a fabulous weekend, be naughty, be kind, be fierce.




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