Glitter In The Air

Have you ever fed a lover with just your hands?
Close your eyes and trust it…
Just trust it…

Glitter In The Air


Having got some other items from The Chapter Four, I decided to take another picture. And I will confess: it is the first time I am actually very content with the result.

Sooooo let’s begin! The sweater – great quality, great rigging and have you seen that texture?!?!? – is the GizzA – Colette Sweater in the colour of Stone. It is available at TCF for a great promotion. Great for a casual chic outfit, for a windy day in town, but also for a more professional environment. It’s all about how you wear it, after all.

The leggings are probably the most overused leggings in the history of SL™ blogging. They are the famous Maitreya Couture Leggings in Black.  I don’t think there is anything left to say, but if you don’t have these in your wardrobe, you can’t be called a true fashionista.

Let’s talk the hair for a moment, shall we? This one I got also at The Chapter Four. To be honest, I do not wear too many hair designers. I have  my little list of shops and that is more or less the only place I get hair from. But when I saw this hair, I was completely, truly and utterly mesmerised. I have been looking for this style quite a long time, but sometimes when I found it it didn’t have the right colours, or when it had the right colours a strand was covering my face and so on. Yet seeing this hair, I fell in love on the spot. This is the +elua+ Hollis Hair 1 in Ombre A.

I could not wear such a hair without a statement accessory. So I chose a fedora out of my inventory and I felt that my outfit became a true fashion statement on the spot. This is the rabu. – leather fedora in black.

Now about the accessories, I wanted to be laid back and natural, so I chose a minimal bracelet from the place you can always count on to accessorise you in the best possible way. I’m wearing the [MANDALA] Omochi Bracelet /Arasiyama in Black. Wonderful creation, it has little gems with such a quality I was stunned.

I would like to mention something I was very keen on getting for quite some time now. Because they are not that visible in the picture, I added an extra one, to showcase a lash set that is perfect for modeling, everyday procrastination or merely any mood you can be in:

facesThe set is created by Mai Bilavio, and they are from the store that has her name: .Mai Bilavio. From left to right, you have the Strict Lashes, Natural Extended Lashes, Clumpy Princess Lashes and Carmen Lashes. I love the level of detail in them. They rez instantly and are so easy to adjust! Definitely a set to have with you.

This is it for today my little fashion devorators! Be fierce, be loving, be naughty!




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