A Million Stars

Please excuse the absence, my dear readers, but the first issue of my new magazine is out! Check it out here: http://issuu.com/eclipsemagazine/docs/eclipse_magazine_-_february_-_unplu.

But I am back with fresh powers!

A Million Stars_001Sadly it has been some rough days for me. My real life is not going as smooth as it should be and nor does my SL™. So why shouldn’t I use my anger for something productive: style. Today I did not choose to blog any new releases, it is all a representation of my fierceness, of my blindness and my imprisonment inside myself.

I will start from head and go to toe. The headpiece, la piece de resistance, is from a store I have always simply adore: MIAMAI. This MIAMAI_BL_Titania Headpiece in Black is an element which should not miss from your inventory. Not only it is full, original and amazing quality mesh, the concept of it can add personality and fierceness to simply any outfit.

The top enters a relation of concordance with the piece, and it also creates a contrast. While there is so much going on on my head, the top is simple, short and cropped into a magnificent piece of jewellery. This is the .Shi : TSADE / Body Cuff in black. It is wonderfully made to fit your body and it is unrigged so you can edit it after your own desires.

The two cuffs – which I placed on both hands identically contrary to all my beliefs about accessorizing – represent my imprisonment, the cuffs that they’ve put just to keep me from flying. I’ve talked so many times about these two little bracelets that I simply love that I don’t think I have to say anything more. These are the [MANDALA] SHIPPOAH Bracelets in Black.

The skirt is the most beautiful skirt template I’ve ever seen in my life, adapted and textured by the very talented Luana Barzane from http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Holanbra%20II/86/123/22. This is the Leopoldina Skirt in Black, an item you wouldn’t want to miss especially since it comes in a gorgeous set.

The face tattoo is the blackLiquid MAKEUP –  MARKER element in black. It comes tintable so you can play around with it, it is a very fierce piece that you should include in any fierce outfit that you do.

This is it for today my little fiercies. Have an amazing day, be naughty and wear black!





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