Just Like A Prayer

We all know the old story of life as a mystery. Today, I chose to envision this mystery in my clothes. Et voila!

Like A PrayerAn old Japanese saying confesses to us that “him who wants to fly like a butterfly shall not struggle like a roster”, and so today I bring you peace and balance. My look today started not from a piece of clothing but from the marvellous accessories signed by Zibska.

Both the head piece and the wood blocks I used as bracelets are from Zibska, and they care called Amphitrite. As Zib already accustomed us, they are fierce and full of attitude, and they do the hard work for you: show up anywhere wearing this and everyone will notice you.

However, it does matter how you wear it. I remembered a music video where the singer had something similar as accessories and she had chosen a lime jumpsuit. Disgusting. Yet thinking of Japanese culture, red and black blend together really well. So my dress is the **DIRAM** CHLOE Cap in the colour of Tango. Wonderfully rigged, fabulous texture and what I really really like is that it is almost impossible to find a similar style in SL that brings out fierceness, not innocence.

The boots are the classic Bax Regency Boots in Black Leather. If there is anything left to say about these is that they are not to be missed. If you do not own a pair of BAX Boots so far, I suggest you go and get one really quick, then come back to this article.

The earrings are also a new release, but this time from [Modern.Couture] Jewelry. They are called Davichi and I chose the colour red to go in mixture with the dress and add a shade of visual shock.

One thing I am really keen on mentioning today is the eyeshadow. Because yes, it is from Zibska, called Venera in shade number 07. I have always loved eyeshadows that do not have the eyeliner included, so that I could put my eyelashes forward and express both of them in contrast. Yet the quality of this eyeshadow is simply stunning, and if you are an Avant Garde (promise not to use the word again for at least 4-5 posts) lover, then go ahead and get it.

As usual all the SLURLS are in the store names, just a click away. This is it for today and I will see you soon. Be chic. Be you.



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