Fly with me in other worlds.

Despair_001A fire burning within wants to explode outside of me, yet I keep it in and manifest it.

Today, I chose to style myself in a way that can both pass as casual, as chic or even as formal with a little adjustment. I don’t know where to start, I basically envisioned this outfit all together so let us start with the central piece: the dress.

This dress I got at the new SL Store Lavian & Co., and it is called Take Me To Church 1. It is fabulously rigged, a flawless texture and a fabulous effect that is created as soon as you attach it. Wonderful! Go ahead and get it while it’s still available, Lavian is famous for keeping their items up for a limited amount of time, as they always produce newer and newer things every week!

The shoes are a classic, yet in a colour I rarely pick: :::Le Primitif::: Pigalle High Pumps – Chrome. What fascinates me about them is the elegant, sensible shape, enhancing the fine features of a female foot. The colour adds a dose of colour to the outfit without adding any colour, and for those of you wondering: yes, you can wear silver with gold.

The earrings are the [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Zindra Silver Earrings, fabulously made as original mesh, easy-to-spot statement earrings. Go ahead and get them right now, they are all your outfit needs right now.

Despair_002To continue, I thought to add a raw shot of my face, so you could see the accessory I want to talk about right now. I got the nose ring at Collabor88 and I could not be more in love with it. This is the ^^Swallow^^ Eros Piercing.

The hair is from *booN MYY595 hair in Blonde. It’s fierce, it’s avant grade, it’s everything you don’t expect it to be. Love it.

My dears, this is it for today! Be fresh, be scary, be naughty!




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