Get ready for the afterglo-ow.

AfterglowYou were my all. And took it all when you left me. This is theft. This is qualified theft. You left me with a mortgaged soul, and believe me sweetie, I’ll look for you with a lawyer.

Another goodie from The Chapter Four today! You can say I like to tease, but today I’m treating you with not one, but two items from our beloved fair. Let’s begin with these two pieces, which are the dress and the jacket, both from the same designer, both amazing quality. The dress is the /// offbeat /// You are awesome. sweater * hate you rare (so yes, Gacha). It has a wonderful texture – really awesome to be honest – and works perfectly with the jacket, the /// offbeat /// You are awesome. bomber jk * white, also a rare item from the Gacha. Go ahead and get it, try your luck, it is really worth it!

The socks are some really wonderful, I’ve had them for some time now, but I never get tired. They are mesh socks, which also have options to work with Slink Feet, Belleza feet and so many other mesh feet! They are the *MUKA* Thigh Socks Patterns.

The beanie is mesh, but it’s not rigged so you can customise it quite easily to fit your head best. It comes in multiple options with different inscriptions, and you can find it at .Bohocomo, under the simple name of… Beanie.

The final thing, which I chose to complete my look, are the -FAUN- Hex Shades -Black-, a pair of fierce, eye-catching sunglasses which will turn any of your look into a work of art. Oh! Pardon me. A work of fashion.

The background items are also from The Chapter Four, and are all signed by the same designer: Apple Fall. You can find this whole set, plus many more incredible items – as Apple Fall already accustomed us with the extreme quality, chicness and beauty of their products – only at TCF Gacha Room. Make sure you pay a visit to the mainstore of Apple Fall as well, as there are so many more items to be discovered!
In this picture you see the:

  • Apple Fall Rural Farmhouse RARE
  • Apple Fall Botanical Prints (3)
  • Apple Fall & An Lar Ladder

And this is it for today! I wish you a sexy day, and always feel good in your own body. You are awesome, no matter what others say!



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