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RunLately I’m pretty passioned by the culture of the scandal. And I mean strictly Fashion. Hence why today I wore something exposing enough to be scandalous, yet fashionable enough to make Anna Wintour… not frown. Also, no fairs today. Everything I got is Mainstore Available (Landmarks available in the store names)

Let’s begin with the main piece, shall we? The jacket, that comes along with the coat and that made me drool over that god damn rack until I got it.The -David Heather-Five Blazer in White is one of those things you need to run and get right now. Rigging? Flawless. Textures? Flawless. Length? Exactly perfect. It’s available in multiple colours and yes, my dear readers, it is all 100% original mesh. So what are you waiting for?

The pumps are a pair I fell in love with. Like I said many times, there are not too many pairs of pumps in SL that actually look like real, sensible pumps. Some are too long, some are too wide and so on. These are just perfect, and what I love about the JustDesign – Cult Lacquered White is that they come available for every mesh feet pair that there is out there, so  buy them with all the confidence. Did I mention the quality is exceptional?

The hair, one of my personal favourites, is the [taketomi]_Izumi_LightBlondes hair, amazing as Taketomi has always accustomed us, very fashionable, vintage 70’s Punk style. I really like the heroin chic allure it gives the model, and that is why today I chose to wear it. And probably the next 4 weeks.

The eyeshadow, a very important element that basically defines this whole look, is called Zibska ~ Maev, it is available in 12 colours and can make a regular outfit a piece of moving Haute Couture. Perfect.

And this is it for today! Don’t forget to smile. And not wear underwear.




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