My Heartbeat Could Mean Anything

Come to me and just do that thing that you do.

Artpop_001I could show you all the reasons why my Artpop could mean anything. Today I chose a classy outfit and ripped it to tiny little grungy pieces. Because no, it is not about being beautiful.

I honestly have no idea what to start with, but I believe that since this outfit is a bit unusual I will make my post a bit unusual and start with the most shocking item: the makeup. You may already know who the creator is because there are few persons in this virtual world that can do what Madrid Solo can. Yes, this is inspired by Lady Gaga’s Applause makeup, and it is done with amazing quality. For a full shock, wear the Madrid Solo -Single Layer Designs- Going Gaga to bed.

Enigma popstar is fun, she wears burqa for Fashion. Well, I took it off. No one wakes up with perfect hair. Not even the craziest of us. So voila!, your girl with curlers. This is the TRUTH HAIR Betsy in light blondes. I recommend it warmly for any kind of outfit. It’s a piece with attitude.

The jacket and trousers are both from the same designer, so I will talk about both of them in the same paragraph. I only have good words to say about them. These are one of the best items that I have worn in my life, and not only these but every single piece that I buy from Overhigh. I am wearing the OVH – Peplun Jacket . Ice and the OVH – Formal Pants . Pink. I don’t know what else to say about it, because they are just anything you wish for.

Talking about the accessories, I wanted to create a nice chromatic mix that is not to be found anywhere in the rest of the proper outfit. So I chose a pair of sandals in a non-present colour to add a shade: :ESQUE: Zareena Heels – Cobalt. As for the bracelet, it is a tribal pattern that adds a shade of oriental contrast: [MANDALA]KYARA_Bangle_Marrakesh, while the necklace is a simple touch to bring an axe of symmetry: this is the RYCA NECKLACE VO-01 GOLD.

The furniture is from the HIDEKI – The Attic Set. Hideki is one of my favourite furniture designers, because they give such a soul and such a magnificent air to their pieces that it’s hard not to fall in love with them.

And this is all I have for you today! I hope you never forget not to be afraid to be different! Don’t wink to strangers!




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