So rough, you barely know anything about me.

Mayfly_002I wanna take you somewhere so you know I care. But it’s too cold and I don’t know where. Well, I may at least look good refusing you, right? Today I did something a bit different and in a few days I put some kilograms on. It is just an experiment, but I do want your feedback! Besides that, let’s move to why you really are looking at this picture: the clothes.

Let me begin with the main outfit. I could analyse each piece individually but since they come in a wonderful pair and that’s how I wore them too, so this is how I will present them to you. I am talking about the Mai Bilavio:. Wire Knit Skirt and the Mai Bilavio:. Wire Knit Top, both in Navy, two gorgeous pieces, marvellously rigged and with a texture that can make anyone jealous that it’s you who wears it.

The cardigan is a piece I suggest you go right now and buy. It’s the .: vive nine :. Lori Wool Blend Cardigan – Olive, and it’s the cure to every single illness that you have. Rarely I’ve got to see such amazing pieces. Despite the perfect rigging and texturing, this piece of fully original mesh has a shape that even real life fashionistas would envy. I literally fell in love with it. This and mostly all the other Vive Nine products.

Instead of going directly to the shoes, I will talk about the handbag, on its name the .: ryvolter :. Xylia Knot Bag – Olive. It is a miraculous tote that can carry all your makeup products and perfumes, along with making you look fantastic only by carrying it! Have a ride at Vive Nine! By the way, you may bump into me there!

The shoes are called JustDesign – Brie Leather Red, and they are a very stylish pair that I really really like. The colour is one of my favourites and it adds just the touch of colour that this outfit needs. However, they are available in a multitude of colours – and versions for various mesh feet – at the mainstore.

While you are there, take a ride at the store opposite to JD: Swallow. That’s where I got the earrings that I’m wearing, named ^^Swallow^^ Shades Metropolis Beije. They are full mesh, fully original and they look like ripped from a real life Fashion Magazine. I’m declaring myself in love with them.

The sunglasses are the * S O R G O – AKIRA Shades / BLACK, a pair that I may have worn a thousand times so far and will wear it at least a thousand more. It comes in many versions, both as regular glasses and sunglasses.

Finally, the hair is a wonderful, marvellously rigged and textured, chic and stylish piece named .: fiore :. VELMA Hair – Blondes. I don’t know what else to say about it but that you should get it. Really. You should really get it. Now.

And this is it for today my lovely fashion carnivores! Be strong, be powerful, be scandalous!





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