I Feel It In My Heartbeat

But when you look at me
The only memory
Is us kissing in the moonlight.

India_001If you love and run away, may punishments abolish on you.

Today I chose something more eccentric, and I will begin just with the headpiece (we go from head to toe because that’s how beauty goes too). It is the Enfant Terrible. Kia Headpiece Black, that I got from this month’s round of The Chapter Four – already known as my favourite shopping place. I love the flowers on it, and the detailed look that it provides! So bohemian!

From the same brand is the dress, on its name the .Enfant Terrible. Kia Dress red, a piece which reminds meow Frida Kahlo’s paintings. With a nice pattern, perhaps inspired from the Ashram attire in Indian culture, I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it on the rack at The Chapter Four!

The shoes are from one of the brands I grew extremely close to recently, and they’re named JustDesign – Boho Vintage Brick. As usual, the texture is absolutely amazing, and they are rigged for all kinds of mesh feet. In the picture, you can see the Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Mesh Feet (along with the rest of the body of course, the element I haven’t taken off in ages, and in my opinion the best mesh body out there). The sandals are absolutely wonderful and they come in a wide rage of colours! I recommend you run and get them!

The socks are from the same brand, but I pulled them up, cut them and made jambieres out of them. On their name, they are the JustDesign – Boho Socks, a pair of multi-rigged socks that come with a HUD for both length adjustment and texture! They are very versatile and may I say, very good quality!

The hair is also from The Chapter Four, and it is called the +Elua+ – Lapis Hair, available in a variety of colours, tones and shades, including ombre! It is fabulously rigged and magnificently styled, perfect for both a casual appearance and a formal attire presence.

And for today, this is it. Don’t forget to be naughty and to stay this way.




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