Raise Your Love

Feels like war.

Only Love_002When you come close, I just crumble. Today I chose an outfit in my favourite colour (not counting black): Red. I have created it around a two-piece outfit that I got from a store I simply love in SL™.

So let’s begin exactly with the deux-pieces, made from the .: Mai Bilavio :. Lira Asymetrical Skirt in Blood Red and the .: Mai Bilavio :. Una Cropped Top, also in Blood Red, two elements that are made for each other, and together are made to make you look perfect! Rigging is amazing, so is the texture – which is a fine wool. Don’t ask me to talk about the colour, it is that famous American Beauty that I can simply not get enough of. But if you can, there are so many pantones you can choose from!

The uber-cute pumps are called the Rowne.Erix Pumps – Plum, and when you purchase them you get two versions: the Slink Feet version (the one in the picture) and a version that comes with texture-change pre-made mesh feet. There also is a HUD that changes the sole form nude, to cobalt blue and to the Loubi Red. The rigging is great, the model is to die for and the texture is, as Rowne accustomed us, perfect.

The purse is the Faenzo Leather Shoulder Bag – Sand, an object that I wear almost once a week, as I am simply in love. I am, also, extremely sad that Faenzo is not here anymore, but I shall continue blogging their items and wear them because they look so amazing and the quality is so perfect they will still be in after 20 years of SL™ technology advancement.

On the accessories hand, we have two things that do not distract the attention from the main pieces but create a great effect: the [Lavian & Co]KCSP14 Queen Bee Sunglasses and the TRUTH HAIR Felicity FLOWERS. I chose not to go too heavy with the accessories, and these two pieces are enough to make your outfit extremely fashionable! Don’t overdo it, it is a common fact: less is more.

The hair is the ~*Damselfly*~ (Mena)Womens (ChapterFour~April), as you guessed, bought from this moth’s round of The Chapter Four (of which you’ll see a lot in the upcoming posts). The rigging is gorgeous, the texture is very realistic and I love the ash that they put in the colour!

And this is it for today my little fashion devorators! I love you all! Be cute, be naughty and be happy!





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