The Lakes

In a world of hate I chose to love.

Run_001So just… hold me.

Today I chose a look inspired by the style of a person I admire a lot. I added a few tribal elements to an extremely elegant dress. I will not lose any more words speaking about inspirational facts, yet I shall begin presenting you the outfit.

Allow me to start with the gown. I found it at The Instruments, and it is called the [Modern.Couture] Clothing – Rolland White Dress. It is a gorgeous piece of original mesh, and as the name of the store suggests, it is highly Haute Couture. The rigging is great and it also has a wonderful texture. I am also in love with the ruffles around the neck and chest area, which give an amazing charm to this piece.

The headpiece is an element that you simply must have in your inventory. I am talking about the .: fiore :. RICHA Headwrap, a wonderful and fierce piece that I fell in love with. It comes with a HUD that changes patterns and it is actually cheaper than if you bought a hair! So what are you waiting for?

The accessories are all part of a full set, the (Kunglers Extra) Walhalla – Copper, and I added them to bring out the headpiece while not losing the charm of the gown. Ladies, please keep in mind that accessories give the charm of every outfit, but never overdo it! This is why Kunglers is my favourite place: they provide sensible sets, that look elegant but complete your outfit in an amazing way.

Finally, the eye makeup is from a designer which reopened the store recently with new, amazing items. This is the [White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Magic, a miraculous artwork that puts forward the fierceness of a woman, while giving so much elegance in the gold texture.

And for today, this is it. I kept it simple and charming, as I recommend you all do. Take care and be naughty!



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