Turn The Heat Up

Put your hands up in the air for your man if you care.

Say It Right_001

Today I chose to adopt a look that is both fashionable and unusual. My fashion advice for you is to always be creative and combine styles that you wouldn’t usually mix.

The very apparel side of my outfit is simple and constituted by just a few pieces that create the effect that I want to create: the opposite of your regular “beauty” concept.

The pants are the *_M.birdie Story_* school gym suit set_Fbottom3_3, that I got from the Xiasumi School Festival – Sakura Round. They are plain, usual sport shorts that I used to wear in the gym as a sophomore. Did you ever expect your gym shorts to be fashionable? No? Well, you better start, because with the right combination everything can be extremely fashionable! (PS – Of course, if it’s made nicely. These shorts have a great quality).

“Upstairs” – as a top – I chose to wear something a bit more fashion-forward. So I put on my *_M.birdie Story_*Leather Two Piece set black and I realised how much I am in love with how the two pieces look together. Of course, I loved the flawless texture of the jacket, but I opted to combine it in an unusual way to create an unusual effect. And if you ask me, it’s mission accomplished!

Last but not least, in the main apparel chapter is my gorgeous pair of sandals, on their name the -FAUN- Michi Flatform Sandals -Blaq- FEMALE (yes, they are unisex and rigged for the Slink Flat Feet). I just love them! This summer, sandals are so in! But not your usual strappy, high-heeled sandals, but some fierce, black leather sandals that can make urban turn into grunge and even better.

Say It Right_002Now, for the makeup and accessories, a secondary picture is required, as I opted for some extremely-detailed elements that need to be showcased as well as possible. I shall start with the gorgeous eye makeup, on its name the [White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Narcisse (available at The Black Fair, this month), a gorgeous element that you simply can not miss this season. Why? Because it is extremely detailed, extremely good quality and can turn any look into perfection.

To accentuate the fierceness of this look, I chose a pair of heavily-defined eyebrows. To be specific, I am wearing the Unorthodox RVRE Eyebrows Noir, a pair that I like to describe as everything you need from eyebrows. They are absolute. Something you just can’t miss!

For the accessories, I went full couture. I chose a pair of celtic earrings, from nowhere else but the brand I love the most when it comes to jewellery. These are the (Kunglers Extra) Amala earrings in Jasper, a pair that I simply never want to take off. Along with these, I chose a head piece that is both neutral, but contrasts the look. So I put on the Glam Affair – Winter Queenie Black, a crown for the fashion lover, an original mesh piece that accentuates your outfit regardless the genre.

Finally, for the hair I chose a style that I believe suits me best. Combed back, slightly styled but also messy enough to provoke, the .: fiore :. IVY Hair – Blondes is all I needed for this outfit. And it is also all you need to make your spring hairstyle from boring to amazing.

And this is it for today, my dear fashion decorators! Lots of love and kisses!




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