Finally, free from the exams! I’m back with fresh forces!

Come join the party. It’s my celebration. The celebration of birth. No, it’s not my birthday. but it’s my phoenix day.

I basically have no clue how to start explaining this outfit. The idea of just making a list crossed my mind because these items need no description. I was in an artistic phase today, so you get some pop art too.

The dress, because you can’t start with anything else, may look familiar. When I’ll say the brand I’ll say everything: SoliDea FoliEs. On its full name, this dress is the *SoliDea FoliEs*Palloncino– Excl. for Love is in the air 2015, a gorgeous piece created as original mesh in order to make your day more fashionable. Go wild with this marvellous piece right maintenant.

The boots I won’t ponder on too much, because you saw them so many times on me I’m surprised you’re not bored. They’re the BAX Regency Boots Black Leather.

Now, for the accessories….

ProblemHead_001The necklace is the [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Chacal Purple, a necklace I purely fell in love with. The colours are amazing – but if they’re not your favourites, have no worry! There are plenty more you can choose from!

The hair is another piece I don’t think I’ll take off any sooner. This is the Zibska ~ Salacia Hair, available in so many colours you get dizzy and with a style that gets the other dizzy. The texture of the hair is amazing as well.

A thing I really wish to talk about is the makeup. In short words, it is the Madrid Solo -Single Layer Designs- Sewn. In detail, it is an extremely well-created makeup set which can turn any outfit to fierce in seconds. I will say this once: go get it.

And this is it for today. Don’t forget to live for love.




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