I am so deeply sorry for my absence. I am having finals and they’re not pleasant. I’ll be back for you soon!

Is Love Alive_001


Today I shall publish two teasing blogposts: one exclusively on my blog and one exclusively on my Flickr. I still love you all, so I can not leave you!

Today’s blog focuses on shades of nude, as summer is right around the corner and us girls need some tricks to show skin without showing skin. There you have your secret! Nude items.

The dress is the absolutely fabulous Rowne.Anouk Silk Dress – Nude (you will see a lot of Rowne on me from now on, I simply fell in love with the brand). A marvellously created and rigged item that I haven’t taken off for days, this dress is perfect for any hot summer days. For example, a day through the corn fields (see above).

Also from Rowne is the handbag, on its full name the Rowne. Vittoria Leather Tote – Camel. It is a piece to have in your wardrobe, as good quality handbags are quite the rarity in Second Life™ (I can count the stores on the palm of my hand) and this one is a true masterpiece. It also comes with a HUD that allows you to change the inner pocket colour. I chose cerulean for mine!

The ring is from RYCA, and it is called the MSQ GOLD RING, a piece that I baptised as my wedding ring to Fashion. I barely ever take it off. Buy it yourself and you won’t either, and that is a promise!

The boots and the hair I will keep a secret. If you want to find them, you will have to go look at Rowne and at COCO.


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