The Day Crista Died

Crista Wellens has died. Chillicalifornia is her phoenix, which will rise.

Hero_002I’ll never be Maria Magdalena. But I sure as hell won’t die a devil.

Today, I chose to style myself using some older items that I found through my inventory and mix them up. I am really happy with the result.

I will get to the styling already and not tease you any longer. The shirt is a marvellous piece that I got  several months ago from none other than Collabor88, and it is called the Rowne.Alexia Dress – White. I absolutely love the style. You can wear it both with and without pants, it covers what needs to be covered (and nothing more).

Next up, I chose to assort a pair of leggings that look pretty similar to a pair of real life leggings that are very trendy. I’m talking about the .: vive nine :. Mari Sports Leggings – Black, of course, that you see in the picture above. Aren’t they lovely? Believe me, they are one of the few things I have that look exactly as you see them in the picture: flawless.

The handbag is one I fell in love with ever since I saw it on the rack. The sculpting is perfect, and it is available in a variety of colours! This is the -David Heather-Bally Bag/Mustard. Get it while it’s hot!

The pumps are a pair I wore for so long I can’t even remember, because they look so good on my Maitreya Mesh Feet. I won’t talk much about them. Actually, all I’ll say is: Just Design – Cult Lacquered White.

The hair is a wonderful creation that you can find this month at UBER. It is fabulously rigged and created, a style that you surely need in your collection and a colour palette which impresses even the most pretentious eyes: Rowne.Leighton – Deluxe. Shoutout to the super-talented Rowne Designer.

And this is it for today. Love you all! Never behave.




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