Throw Yourself Away

As I hear a weird piano sounding in the background… I turn myself and jump into the arms of my own mind.

Memoirs_001Ok, let’s get right into the styling because I am so excited to talk about this. But before, allow me to talk about this new sim that I absolutely love. I would like to thank Draakje Dailey for suggesting it to me, it is called Flux Sur Mer (yes, the SLURL is in the name) and it offers you a variety of gorgeous sceneries for photos or just for fun! Go take a ride there, you’ll love it to bits just like I did!

Now let’s get to our clothing. I have resumed today’s outfit to exactly four pieces. No accessories at all, no heavy makeup besides the one my wonderful skin provider – ItGirls – offered with my purchase. I wanted to be all natural today, and show everyone that you don’t need do overdress in order to impress. After all, it was Coco Chanel who advised us to always remove one piece from our outfit every time we finish with it.

Given my usual cynicism, I won’t spend a lot of time blobbing the same description about each article of clothing. For it is both unuseful and uninteresting for you. Everything I am wearing today is something that I believe you should have in your wardrobe. Every piece is original, extremely nicely textured and rigged and of a quality which drops jaws. So, from head to toe in order, voila the items:

Hair: ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Gladys. Ombres.
Blouse: .: ryvolter :. Emilia Structured Pullover – Pastel Blue
Skirt: Maitreya Mesh Pencil Skirt Lth1 * Sugar
Pumps: Salvadori – ‘Jumenta’ Pumps White

Now moving on into the editorial and technical part of it all, I think the shoes are some of the most amazing shoes I’ve ever found in SL™. The store is indeed Marketplace only but what you see is exactly what you get. The quality astonished me from the first glance.

Talking Chromatics, I kept the outfit pretty basic. I knew I wanted a very lit photo so I kept it all in white and very bright colours, so the shades won’t be altered by shadows.

I’m hoping this photo will inspire you and will stimulate your creativity at least for today. Until the next post, a lot of hugs and kisses are coming your way!



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