I’ve got a simple universe, which goes quickly. Just like the sound of thunder.


Introducing Angelina

Yes, your eyes see right! I am wearing a mesh head which looks exactly like Angelina Jolie! And you can wear it too! It’s called the ::LV:. Angie Mesh Head (LV comes from LeeValentine, the creator and designer of the brand) and it includes plenty of facial expressions, a skin that blends well and comes with appliers for select mesh bodies. I really like the textures of both the skin and the head, and I love the realistic feel that it gives. I’m not a big fan of mesh heads, but this one did conquer me.

It is available HERE.

Also, in the picture, you see the absolutely fabulous BLOKC Empress Dress – White Black Ombre, available both in-world and on the Marketplace. It is very nicely textured and I am in love with the style that it has! Very elegant, very Angelina!

Moreover, I chose to add some goodies from Rowne to complete the photo. They are from an old edition of the Arcade, but you can never go wrong with Rowne.


Mesh Body Issue

And while we are talking about mesh bodies, I was very curious some past day why an omega applier that I got with a skin refused to work on my Maitreya Mesh Body. If you are facing the same problem, here is your solution: you must purchase the Omega Kit for your mesh body (Here you can purchase it for Maitreya and get access to the store). After you purchase it, there will be a HUD that you get. You must always wear that HUD while applying any kind of Omega Layers to your mesh body.

Shoes For The Soul

The next thing I would like to talk about is a pair of shoes I came across some days ago.


Please say hello to a raw shot of the Salvadori – ‘Brega’ Leather Pumps, available exclusively on the Marketplace. When I saw them I instantly fell in love. Perhaps inspired by the famous Casadei heels, these shoes bring exactly what Second Life™ Fashion needs: a shade of reality. They are rigged and created for multiple mesh feet, such as Maitreya or Slink, and they are here to make your day better! Run run and get them!

Et voila! This is it for today, my dear fashion devorators! I will see you in my next post! Until then, in the comment section below, please answer the following question:

Do you prefer Marketplace or In-World Shopping?

Thank you and much love to you all!



One thought on “Superstars

  1. Hola Chilli girl! Love your posts and that they come with homework? 😉
    I have the Marketplace open 24/7 on my browser and I turn to it often, but it isn’t the only way I shop. If I want the very latest must-have fashion goodie, I have to go inworld for it and most often to the event it is a part of. So my shopping consists of visiting events and the mp. I rarely get to a designer’s store unless the item I purchased of theirs at an event leaves me craving MORE. *Kissitos*

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