Close Your Eyes

Today, I chose to feature a very dear person to me, and an even better stylist. Ladies and gentlemen, joining me today for this particular blogpost is none other than Vin Cinquetti. Reach his blog clicking HERE to see his style card and get inspired.

Chilli & VinI got a little hush that keeps me going every day. Today, I just did not feel like fancying myself up. I just put on the most urban casual elements I could find in my wardrobe. And because I can NOT get myself to wear sneakers, you shall not encounter my footwear in this particular blogpost.

Jumping straight to the style card, I believe there’s no need to mention how good quality these items have. It is visible from the picture that the textures are pretty impressive, and I’ve always been fond of a good pair of boyfriend jeans, assorted with a cool cardigan and a top. Alors, voila!

Cardigan & Top: Eaters Coma – Pocket Knitted Cardigan in Cream
Jeans: Blueberry – Luna – Rolled Cuff Jeans – Light Blue
Hair: Rowne.Tilda – Lights Blondes
Necklace: (Female)LONG_Necklace [MANDALA]LUSTFUL-Jewelry-set

In other news, the new edition of NuVibez will come out in just a few days! Make sure to head out and read it all, I’m having some words in it too!

I am also very excited to be part of Erik Bayn’s Greek Gods & Goddesses Campaign, which will happen soon as a photographic exposition. I will be none other than Athena and can simply not wait for it!

Make sure you also check out Vin Cinquetti’s blog! It’s really good! You have a URL up there and one right HERE!


Kisses to you, my dear style decorators!



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