Goodies Chez Uber

I took a ride at this round of Uber and absolutely loved it. Check out what I found!


Alors, when I landed I was flooded with ideas. The clothes at Uber have always amazed me, and when I found the items that you see above I was more than content. Not everything is from Uber but a lot of pieces are. Including the background buildings.

Here is the style card, with SLURLS included in the store names:

Shawl: // SEUL \\ Cashmere Shawl – Tartan @Uber
Trousers: .: ryvolter :. Rhoda Stretch Pants – Black @Uber
Tattoo: [tattoomania – pow ]

In the background: Trompe Loeil – Cassia Tent [mesh] @Uber

I really enjoyed this collection and I look forward to blogging more items from these gorgeous designers. The quality is amazing!


Facelights Reloaded

In lifestyle, I have rediscovered face lights. When I am taking a picture myself, I notice that many wind lights affect the way my avatar’s face looks and sometimes it alters it in a bad way. In those cases, a very subtle face light does all the magic for me and it makes me look just as I want to look!

However, most face lights in SL™ are everything but subtle, so I elaborated a guide to making your own, subtle face light:

  1. Create a small spheric prim. Name it “*Avatar Name*’s Subtle Face Light” and take it in your inventory.
  2. Attach the prim to your nose or mouth. Right click on it and hit edit. If it is hidden and you can not right click directly on it, right click on the item in your inventory and do the same thing.
  3. Move it around so it’s about 30 cm away from your face and on the exact same line with your nose. This way it will smooth and even your face up.
  4. Go to Features and then to Light. Check that box there and adjust the Intensity to 0.3. This way, you will look good and your face will be unaltered, but the wind light will also do its magic and you won’t look like you’re from a completely different movie.
  5. Use your face light freely and enjoy it! However, bear in mind: FACELIGHTS SHOULD ONLY BE USED FOR PHOTOS. 

In case the steps weren’t exact for you, I uploaded the one I made on the Marketplace and you can buy it for free right here:

I hope it is helpful!


Until next time, love, kisses and hugs,


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