Midnight In Paris

I’m coming back to start. I’m counting back to you. Baby, can you wake up?


This round of The Chapter Four is just amazing! Everything there is simply mesmerising and I think it’s one of the best rounds I have ever seen! Let’s take a look at both some clothes and some deco items!


Mesh head: Genesis Lab Mesh Head_Marie_2.0 @TCF
Hair:  Tableau Vivant // Last train home
Blouse: AMITOMO.Long Sleeve Tee #6 @TCF
Shorts: AMITOMO.High waist belt shorts #6 @TCF
Garter Socks (Fitted for SLink High Feet): *MUKA* Garter Socks (2for1) @TCF
Shoes: AZOURY – Connexe Shoe (Black) @TCF


floorplan. wish you were here chart
*AF* Milltown Hat Boxes
*AF* Money Plant Small
*AF* Leather Rag Rug
*AF* Milltown Traveler’s Table Complete
*AF* Milltown Traveler’s Table Complete
[ zerkalo ] Lovesong – Things White

To my love, to my home, to my lovely readers,
Love a skinny love.



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