I’m back, little devourers! Today, I took a ride at Tres Chic and bought one piece from each of my favourite designers! Curious what I have in store for you?



The styling card is pretty simple, as you can find every piece of clothing that I am wearing at this round of Tres Chic. However, I did add some elements that are from other stores. You can see it all right here:

Dress – 1992 // Turtleneck Over Shoulder Dress (Tangerine) @TresChic
Gown – // SEUL \\  Daria Slit Gown – Onyx @TresChic
Furcoat – .: Mai Bilavio :. Ivanka Shoulder Fox Fur Oceanic @TresChic
Pink Hair – .: fiore :. RAQUEL Hair – Color Ombres
Brown Hair – *booN YNO421 hair all colors pack
Mask – Pink Acid Caged Umpire  Mask – Black Knit

Also, I have an important announcement: my blogging is and will remain very sporadic until further notice. School is keeping me busy in real life but I am trying my best to keep your fashion appetite high with good quality and lots of fierceness.



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