Aka The Chapter Four – November:




Top: KITJA – Meli Sweatshirt WHITE FM (Maitreya Lara)  @TCF
Trousers: KITJA – Meli Pants GREY FM (Maitreya Lara) @TCF
Shoes: _CandyDoll_ Sasha Rose – Maitreya High
Headpiece: Astralia – Monarch butterfly headpiece PALE PINK @TCF
Sunglasses: Amala – Alyssa Glasses – Shades – Pink

Prop: Glamurus. Focus Cube @TCF


This month at The Chapter Four you can find a lot of amazing stuff. When I saw this prop I thought to myself “I need to do my blog in this”. And I did, because I do what I want.

Now, let us talk a little bit about high heels. Lately I’ve seen a lot of ladies who gave up high heels for sneakers. Allow us to clear something out really quick: high heels are not comfortable. However, everything changes when you wear them: your posture, your pose, your attitude. You instantly become more elegant, more refined plus you stand more straight.

Never forget to wear high heels once in a while, even though you may be tempted to put on your ye’ olde’ sneakers. It will make you stand out and stand up.



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