Skin Dressing – Part 1: Light Skin

This is Part 1 of my article which will focus on what colors to choose in order to look best, based on our skin tone. Today, as the title suggests, we will analyse some options for light skins.


If you are a fan of pale skins like I am, then this is the place for you. Every day, in Second Life™, I see people with a great sense of style who fail in looking breathtakingly good because they forget one element in their styling: their own skin color.

In RL, you can’t control your skin tone. However, in this virtual world that we inhabit, we have the freedom to choose our tone. Why not respect this choice and style accordingly?

I have chosen 3 elements that a light skin must have in her (or his, because men must respect this too and I encourage all of you, regardless of your gender, to give me feed back and show me your skin tone stylings) wardrobe. Afterwards, we will have a discussion on more general issues such as warm vs. cold, clear vs. obscure etc.




Pastel Blue Sweater

Skin Color_003

If your skin is pale like the sky, why not put some of the sky’s colors in your wardrobe? The baby blue sweater is something you must own as a light skinned. A pastel with just enough attitude is enough to make you glow, and regardless of the fact that pastels are not known to be “loud” colors, this one will stand out on you.

Stylist’s Advice: For a daring look, pair your baby blue sweater with a red lipstick for an extra pop of colour.

My baby blue sweater is the GizzA – Lulu Sweater with Shirt, which you can have for L$300. It’s an investigation you won’t want to miss!

 Anything In Emerald

Highly saturated colors go perfectly with highly desaturated skins. It creates amazing contrast and makes you stand out. You don’t have to wear big hair like me (actually, please don’t), but you can pair it with some silver statement earrings for a dose of spice.

Stylist’s Advice: There are so many shades of emerald nowadays. It’s like there’s a new color palette only for emerald shades. You have the freedom to choose the shade you love most! And luckily, SL™ is so rich in emeralds!

My emerald dress is the ISON – sheer sleeve dress. It’s an oldie, but definitely a goodie! And it’s very affordable! You can get it for just L$175!


– And not the four legged one –

Camel, beige, dirty yellows. All pale. These are the colors you need to look for when you are choosing coats. It works with any article of clothing, but on coats, a light skinned person simply must wear these colors. They go nicely in contrast with the skin and enhance it at the same time!

Stylist’s Advice: Look for blends of camel too. Green combined with camel results in a dark olive, and that works best in gowns and dresses for people with very pale skins. “Dirty” colors are best for us!

The coat I am wearing is the LAVIAN [SIGNATURE] Iseult Bag, a trench set which comes with both a color HUD and a pair of nice boots!


So, What am I wearing?

Essentially, a light skin, also known as pale, must wear pale colors! Be very careful when you wear highly vibrant colors, because they tend to stand out a little bit too much and make you slowly disappear. Also, some combinations are just not right for the eye, and people will notice!


What am I not wearing?

Try not to wear the following:

  • Extra blushy cheeks. Too much pink will make you  look  like a badly made doll
  • Dark pantyhose. Stockings are a true element of a “lady”. However, if you’re a pale lady, be careful! Stockings that are darker than your skin will look very, very bad!
  • Very loud colors. Try not to exaggerate with chromatic intensity, it will make you go over the lines and not be appealing anymore.
  • The same color as your hair. Especially if you are a redhead, you must stay away from reds! If you wear the same color as your hair, you will look slightly naked. Or, even worse, furry! Be careful


I hope this was useful. Part 2 will cover medium skins (from sun kissed to tanned, to olive tones). Leave your opinions in your comments and do not forget to tell me if the info you found here was useful! Be bold, but keep in mind that boldness means different things for different people!



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