Collabor88 Raid

Yes, yes, I raided Collabor88. But it’s for a good cause: fashion.

Gura ta_001

They say that to be good, you must change often. I do that every day with my wardrobe so I must be excellent by now. Hence why I come here to give you advice on style (?). I decided to go full real in my blogposts, so from now on if you are easily offended then my website is definitely not the place for you. However, if you are interested in the true face of SL™ Fashion, then you may want to watch this space.

Nevertheless, today it’s all about Collabor88 (yes, this is my blogger casting photo so cross your fingers, eh?). Let’s see what I have in my magic bag this time. Voila:



From this month’s round:

Top: SPIRIT & KITJA – Spy top  Lara @C88
Skirt: SPIRIT & KITJA – Spy Skirt GREY [harness] @C88
Sunglasses: Noodles – Kelley Sunglasses Black @C88
Hair: Moon. Hair. // Code Uma @C88
Lipstick Knife (it’s in my left hand): LaGyo_Melissa Lipstick-Knife @C88

From other rounds: 

Bangles: LaGyo_Charlotte bangle 1(triangles) & LaGyo_Charlotte bangle 2
Platforms: _CD_ Jennie Black – Maitreya Medium Feet

Very well, I believe that you should really go to Collabor88 right now. But hopefully you already know about C88, and this is just a reminder. If you haven’t heard of this glorious monthly event (that starts, coincidentally or not, on the 8th of every month), then please do not call yourself a fashionista. Or call yourself that but not in public.

Till next time (when, hopefully, I will be a Collabor88 blogger so I can make more posts and delight you with more items), I wish you the best!





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