Stereo Love

Before taking a ride to Shiny Shabby, I ran quickly on the Marketplace and got some fun items from Addams! The result was quite beautiful.

Stereo Love

Cardigan/Kimono: American Beauty– Extended Cardigan Sweater Peach @Shiny Shabby

Shorts: Addams // Paloma Short w/Laces // Leather White

Top: Addams // Emma LongSleeves w/Laces // White

Sandals: NX-Nardcotix Gemma Stiletto White @Shiny Shabby

Septum Ring: [Z O O M] Mytho Septum @Shiny Shabby

Choker: Revoul – Choker Plain:. @Shiny Shabby

Bracelet: MINIMAL – Bracelet *1* -Gold- @Shiny Shabby

Ring: MINIMAL – Ring *2* -Gold- @Shiny Shabby

Backdrop: L’Etre – Photography background [#5] (shoutout to David Cooper)

Wall Decoration: BAZAR Crete-Door decoration @Shiny Shabby

Hammock: BAZAR Crete- Hammock chair @Shiny Shabby


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