Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love some Ice Cream? The weather’s hot, the skirts are short and we can enjoy a cold creamy snack in the garden. Today, I furnished my garden so I can sleep in it, and because the ground was solid I decided it was time to wear some fierce platform sandals to leave my footmarks in the ground. Let’s take a look at what I wore:

Hair: MURRAY– Magdalena Hairstyle / Platinums (Mesh)
Horns: Jinx : Mys Mallow – 4th July @The Chapter Four
Flower: {amiable}I love Summer Beach Gacha-Flower Accessory @The Chapter Four
Earrings: MINIMAL – The Second Lady Gold @Shiny Shabby
Necklace: MINIMAL – Galea Necklace -Gold- @The Proyect Seven
Dress: N-Uno – Sveta Dress // Denim / N-1 / Maitreya @The Chapter Four
Bracelet: MINIMAL – Bracelet *1* -Gold- @Shiny Shabby
Ring: MINIMAL – Sahara Ring 1 Gold @Uber
Ice Cream Cone: {amiable}I love Summer Beach Gacha-Soft ice cream @The Chapter Four
Sandals: AZOURY – Enosh Shoes White @The Chapter Four


Chairs: Kalopsia – Lilo’s Chair – Pineapple @The Chapter Four
Painting: Kalopsia – Lilo’s Frame – Pineapple @The Chapter Four
Lamp: Kalopsia – Lilo’s Pineapple Lantern @The Chapter Four
Bed: .:Bee Designs:. Oars Bed Coastal PG @The Chapter Four



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