Chronicle 0.1


Making my way through the daily SL Feeds, an idea has stumbled upon me that left me astonished. It comes hard for people to realize that those who create content that they like have feelings, and it comes like such a pleasant surprise, yet an unexpected sensation when you discover the person behind a blog or a picture you like has a life that’s as filled with emotions as yours.

The truth is, we all have emotions. But how come we have let publicity and the commercial era make us hide them for the sake of remaining as impartial as possible? It’s comic… we read about feelings in books, we tweet about other people’s feelings, yet often we hide our own for the sake of another follower, another friend, or simply for the fact that nowadays feelings are regarded upon with disappointment, rather than encouragement. When did feelings become taboo?

We sure live in times when sexuality and physical touches are not prohibited anymore, neither from the street nor from any conversation around the globe (with a few exceptions, of course). But with the freedom to express anything about our bodies, is it possible that we have forgotten how to express our feelings? In history, body discussions were something private and secret. The very word ‘genital’ would have probably turned plenty of heads on the street if screamed out loud. Nowadays, you can still turn heads, but not by crying ‘genitals’ on the street. By crying ‘love’. Is it, therefore, possible that we may have forgotten our soul in our freedom for the body?

I am certain the hashtag #freethenipple is more than common to you. Women, Men (and everything in between) are fighting so that women have the same rights as men in exposing their nipples. It is, of course, a great cause worth fighting for. But I couldn’t help but wonder…. do we not need a #freethefeeling hashtag? Posting your feelings on social media is regarded upon as drama nowadays, and, especially in the virtual world, you could be called names such as “unprofessional” and “dramatic”. But then, what is one supposed to do with their emotions? Ask anyone that question and they will say “you should talk to someone!”. But they do not finish their sentence, although in their mind it sounds different: “you should talk to someone other than me”.

And so, where are we headed? To the psychologist’s office, some may say. Therapists need to eat too, and people’s need to talk about their feelings in a safe and private environment brings therapists’ food to the table. But of course, it has to be private. No one must know that someone knows about one’s feelings. It seems so tangled, but it is so easy to untangle at the same time.

I have decided to make use of the blog I have for something other than fashion. I have a portal and a place for my feelings to exist without judgment. Thus, I am opening my Chronicles. If you’re curious about what and when I feel, keep your eyes on the website. The comment section is open for you to write your opinions and debate your own feelings about any topic we shall cover. It is time to #freethefeeling and be an active part of the new generation we take pride in. It’s time for the metamorphosis.




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