Love Him, Even Taken.


I am sure every person has found themselves trapped loving someone who is taken at some point in their life. Whether you fall in love with a man who later engages in another relationship, you fall in love with a liar who then tells you that he is already with someone… or you simply fall in love with a man knowing well he is taken by someone else, unable to resist the power of his charm. And that is when your world starts falling apart.

To love that man is considered wrong by everybody. You can’t tell anyone, fearing their judgment. You can’t tell him how much you care for him, for if you do he may never talk to you again. Or worse, he may tell you he feels the same and throws you in a cone of pain, knowing you  could build so much together, yet remain unable to do so.

You see him be happy. You see him be sad. You see him enjoy life with the person that gets to take pride in having him, and you see the other person as an oscillating figure. Today, she’s a monster. Tomorrow, she’s an angel and a hero. Or maybe you don’t see her at all. Maybe you just choose to keep walking on your own road, with a burning hope inside of you that his path will cross yours eventually.

A million questions arise in those moments. With each word you tell him, and with each word he tells you, your mind starts painting the gorgeous fresco of what could be your life together. But that fresco seems hidden in a museum so far, and the only way to go visit him if he takes you. And that’s when your pain comes… you wish he would take you, you wish he would come sweep you off your feet. But no… you’re left to look through the window in the beautiful museum, where they’re dancing. And outside it’s cold, and it’s snowing. And people point fingers at you, but your hope stays alive.


Yet… what would happen if he would come to you? If you became his, and your wish would be granted by some fairy godmother you never knew existed? Your feelings for him start to bug your mind with questions “What if I can’t make him as happy as she does?”, “What does she have that I don’t?”… “What do I have that she doesn’t?”. And you’re left to wonder, hoping that one day, things will turn out alright. You don’t want to be the evil witch, you don’t want to be the pure angel, you just want to be in his arms. But the seat is taken, and you’re left to dream, and collapse on the ground on your hardwood floor and turn to light, shining brightly upon his path and wishing for his happiness. After all, it’s the only thing that keeps you happy anyways.


Sunglasses: //Mulloy – Urie Glasses
Forehead Jewel: LaGyo_Night Head Charm – Gold @Collabor88
Necklace: LaGyo_Night Necklace – Gold @Collabor88
Shirt: .:villena:. – Laced Up Shirt Dress – Iron Maiden @Kustom9
Bracelet: Salvadori – Fatpack ‘Le Chain’ Wrist Bracelet @On9
Wrist Bandage: MINIMAL – Female Dalshim Bracelet @Ultra
Clutch: Astralia – Blazer bag – Midnight Madness Gift
Shorts: .:villena:. – Ripped Front Shorts – Black @Kustom9
Shoes: N-core NORMA “Black” for High Feet

Decor exclusively by Apple Fall  (find all items at the mainstore, URL included)



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