Introducing Chris

It’s time for you to meet my male alter-ego: Chris.

Chris has two faces (and more are to come). I decided that I would like to provide plenty of stylish options for our dear gents to choose from, because lately I have observed an invasion of urbanism in male outfits and a slight lack of elegance. Let us not forget, dear men, that there are plenty of other styles you can adopt. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box!

OPTION 1 – Fierce

Ten points for the man who knows who was the inspiration behind Fierce Chris. For Fierce Chris, I used the STRAY DOG – TYSON TONE 10, which I urge you to buy. The detail on the skin and the care with which it is created are breathtaking. Of course, it is applied on the CATWA HEAD Daniel, the best male bento head in my opinion. It is versatile, detailed and smooth, not to mention fun to play around with. If you do not have a Catwa mesh head or a Stray Dog Skin, close this post, go buy them and come back.

Going out of your comfort zone may not come easy, but once you do it it becomes a habit. I recommend it to anyone. And it’s not even that hard! For example, for this first picture, I only added some necklaces. To be specific:

Neklaces: MINIMAL – Ollie Necklace -Silver- @N21

For the second photo… did you guess it? I was inspired by Grace Jones. Most of the items I have on, however, are quite old. You may still find some of them available, such as:

Septum Ring: MINIMAL – Horn Septum Silver
Sunglasses: SUNGLASSES-MG GOLD          -RYCA-

However, I doubt the jumpsuit is still available. Diram, I miss you.

OPTION 2 – Casual

For Casual Chris, I also used the  CATWA HEAD Daniel, because I do not think you can find a better mesh head for men in Second Life™. And, of course, I used a Stray Dog skin on it. To my dearest Gac Akina, the designer of Stray Dog, please never forget how talented you are. If you want to get (which, of course, you do) this applier, its full name is STRAY DOG -CLINT CATWA -BUTTERLMILK.

Hair: [taketomi]_Kou_Blacks

*Note: The tanlines are the hottest thing I’ve ever seen on a skin. I won’t trust any man without tanlines. Or, at least, burnlines.

Go casual, but go chic. A man in sweatpants cannot call himself stylish, no matter what famous brand made those sweatpants. To be stylish, a man wears at least a pair of jeans. I chose to wear the following:

Jacket: 3.::GB::Opaen jacket / LightGray
Jeans: [Deadwool] Pleated jeans – school at night
Glasses: * S O R G O – AKIRA Shades / BLACK
Hair:  [taketomi]_Kou_Blacks


Backdrop for all photos: Pseudo- Light Installation Backdrop @Ultra

With that said, go get yourself a proper male look. From now on, Chris will be joining us in our stylistic adventures, bringing you the newest and most stylish trends for the happy possessors of the Y Chromosome. Until next time, a big kiss.



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